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September 2009

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Mar 30 to Apr 5

This week at A Gathering Grove

Monday 3/30
Craft Circle
5:30pm to 9pm
Bring your latest project and your yarn and needle point, quilt or what ever crafty thing you do and come down and join other crafty people. Share your ideas and projects with others over a warm comforting beverage. If you've been looking to pick up a new hobby here is a friendly group of people to learn from.


Tuesday 3/31
Dan Pelletier
10am to 3pm

Tarot Reader


Lecture Series - Ann Inman "Things that go bump in the night"
7pm to 9pm
Ever seen something you just couldn't explain? Just a feeling, something in the corner, or worse, watching you? Or was it just a "knowing" there's something there, that you can't see? Maybe something is moving just out of the corner of your eye? Join us for a "spirited" discussion about "ghosts," confused souls" and energy perception, both positive and negative. What we don't understand frightens us. Join us for a talk to demystify the "unknown"!! and yes I do see dead people .


Ann Inman is a psychic with 35 years experience as a psychic advisor. Ann is a remarkable intuitive. She is an initiated Shaman and her training includes palm reading, angel communication, channeling, psychometry, aura readings and mediumship, (yes, I do see dead people). She is available for readings as well as classes. Contact info is Ann Inman 51005 SR 20 Rockport Wa 98283 208-771-0037


Wednesday 4/1
Terri C
10am to 1pm
Intuitive Reader


Thursday 4/2
Jeanne Maley
Noon to 5pm
Angel readings


American Sign Language Class with Max
4pm to 5:30pm
If you have ever wanted to learn Sign Language here is a class for you. There is no charge to attend but the classes do build on each other.


Friday 4/3
Leean Lester "The Palmistry Lady"
11pm to 3pm
Palmistry, Tarot, and Numerology


Open Mic Night hosted by Big Rich
7pm to 9pm
Open Mic Night now has a new host. Big Rich will be keeping the entertainment flowing. So were calling on all musicians, poets, and performers: are you looking for some stage time to prefect your act? Well come on in, we have a place for you.


Saturday 4/4
Live Music
Reggie Garrett and Gary Westcott
7pm to 9pm
Reggie Garrett and Gary Westcott are two of the more exciting performers on the Seattle acoustic music scene. Garrett's stunning vocals and rhythm guitar along with Westcott's scintillating work on guitar, mandolin, slide steel guitar and banjo make for one of the most original musical duos performing today. Their music is a combination of the variety of musical styles and ideas that have influenced them over the years. They perform their own original songs mixed with a number of more traditional folk ballads and contemporary folk style music. The compositions incorporate Latin rhythms, blues, gospel, jazz, Celtic and much more. The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the West.


Sunday 4/5
Boston Carter Psychic Fair
11pm to 4pm


Presentations are free and presenters appreciate donations.

1:30pm - Ann Inman - Are you Psychic????
Have you wondered if you're psychic? Have you wanted to be Psychic? Can it be learned? Is it something you have to be born with? Join us for a discussion about the basics of our "Psychic Gifts" They are accessible to everyone all the time and how they can be enhanced.

Ann's Bio: With 35 years experience as a psychic advisor Ann Inman is a remarkable intuitive. Her training includes palm reading, angel communication, channeling, psychometry, aura readings and mediumship, (yes, I do see dead people) She is available for readings as well as teaching classes.


3:00pm - Boston Carter - Karma: What is it and how does it impact my life?
Boston's Bio: Boston Carter, Medical Intuitive and Karma Specialist, will explain what your karma is as a human being and how to acquire the gifts within it. Your ego is not a bad thing that needs to go away, but a container for your perception of life. You incarnate with your container filled with karma based energies. There is a specific way to balance and transform the energy in your container into a karma free light.