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September 2009

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August 10th to August 16th

This Week at A Gathering Grove       
August 10th to August 16th
Monday, August 10th
Tarot Reader-Sajy
1pm to 6:30pm
Craft Circle
5:30pm to 9pm
Bring your crochet, knitting, needle point, or other project and join like minded individuals for a relaxing evening of conversation.  Share your ideas and projects with others as you enjoy a warm beverage.
Tuesday, August 11th
Tarot Reader-Terri C. 
10am to 3pm
Lecture Series-Geralynne Brunt, CHtc
7pm to 9pm
Hypnotherapy:  How It Can Help You
In this lecture, Geralynne will dispel the common misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and provide accurate information about what hypnosis is and how it can help you.  She will share her experiences and as a trained professional, discuss the scope of her practice, and help you see how a skilled hypnotherapist can guide you to a happier, more productive life.
Wednesday, August 12th
Intuitive Reader-Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Clairvoyant-Penny Protheroe
3pm to 6pm
Thursday, August 13th
Psychic Intuitive-Ann Inman
1pm to 4pm
Amy Herring-Astrologist
7pm to 8:30pm
Astrology 101--in this ongoing course, Amy will present information about astrology and discuss how your natal chart can be used for personal growth.  All are welcome to attend-whether you are a beginner or expert you will learn something new.  Topics to be covered include the planets, signs and houses that are present in everyone's astrology s well as other topics to be determined at a later date.  Classes are $10.00 per session or $40.00 for 5 classes if you pay in advance (That's one FREE CLASS for every four you purchase!)  To learn more about Amy, please visit her website at: www.heavenlytruth.com .
Friday, August 14th
Intuitive Reader-Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Open Mic Night
7pm to 9pm
Friday is our Open Mic Night.  All musicians, poets, and performers are welcome so if you looking for some stage time to perfect your act? Well come on in, we have a place for you.
Saturday, August 15th
Live Music-Emerald Rain Bellydance Co.
Emerald Rain Bellydance Co. is a professional dance troupe composed of many women from different walks of life.  Their joy of dancing brings them together and keeps them dancing even while they juggle their careers and family.
Sunday, August 16th
No events planned.
Next Week's Events will be:
Tues. Aug. 18th-Lecture :7-9pm, Lisa Concidae
Lisa is a medical intuitive, spiritual healer, and teacher.  In this lecture she will present Theta Healing which often provides instantaneous healing by clearing negative beliefs, past history, and illnesses so that you can move forward and live a happy, peaceful, and balanced life through God's unconditional love.  For more information, please visit www.thetahealing.com .
Saturday, August 22-Live Music, 7-9pm, Matthew Kocel "Healing Sound"
Matthew Kocel is a sound/energy healer/body worker who uses the vibrational energies of sound waves to help people heal themselves.  Using his voice, harmonium, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tingsha, tuning forks, conch shell, and acoustic guitar, he has been leading sacred sound journeys in the US and Canada for over a decade. With a vocal style inspired by the Tibetan, Tuvan, and Euro American traditions, his music is a sonic transmission of healing prayers for the Earth and humanity. Be sure to bring a floor pillow or blanket to sit upon for this participatory musical and healing journey.  To learn more, please visit Matthew's website:  www.OmShaman.com .
We would like to remind everyone driving down to see us that parking is available in the lot we share with Chopstix.  Thanks and have a wonderful week. 
Steve and Shannon
A Gathering Grove
2820 Oakes Ave. Ste. C.
Everett WA 98201