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September 2009

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July 27th to August 2nd

Upcoming Events at A Gathering Grove
July 27th to August 2nd 
Tarot Reader—Sajy  
1pm to 6:30pm
Craft Circle
5:30pm to 9pm
Bring your crochet, knitting, needle point, or other project and join like minded individuals for a relaxing evening of conversation.  Share your ideas and projects with others as you enjoy a warm beverage.
Tarot Reader—Dan Pelletier
10am to 3pm
Lecture Series,
Haragano "Lammas"
7pm to 9pm  
Respected Pagan Elder Haragano will present the sixth in a series of lectures entitled The Wheel of the Year. The Wheel of the Year is the greatest of all Teachers. Each of us is born somewhere on it and as we spiral through it on our life's journey, our understandings deepen. This series of lectures draws on history and folklore to highlight the rich context of each of the eight major pagan holidays.
On August 1st, in the northern hemisphere, some English speaking countries celebrate Lammas Day (loaf-day).  Traditionally, after the first harvest of the season, tenant farmers would bake a loaf of bread from the new crop and present it to the church.  In many parts of England , it was also customary for tenants to present a loaf of the bread to their landlords by the 1st day of August.  $5.00 suggested donation.
Intuitive Reader—Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Clairvoyant—Penny Protheroe
3pm to 6pm
Amy Herring
7pm to 8:30pm
Astrology 101 Class
Amy Herringwill be teaching a five week Astrology class starting July 1st this is week 5 a series of 5 classes will last the entire month, from 7pm to 8:30pm.
In this class series you will: Learn astrology from the perspective of conscious choice and free will, not dooming stereotypes. You will learn how to create and read your own chart and the charts of your friends and family. Along with learning what each of the Planets, Signs, and Houses represent you will also learn how to put them together to understand your deepest self and those you love.  So, whether you're a complete 'newbie' or have been around the astrological block once or twice, this class will deepen your awareness of energies in us all through practical and in-depth exploration of the basics: the planets, signs, & houses in a simple and easy to understand way. www.HeavenlyTruth.com
Psychic Intuitive—Ann Inman
1pm to 4pm
Intuitive Reader—Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Open Mic Night
7pm to 9pm
Friday is our Open Mic Night all musicians, poets, and performers are welcome so if you looking for some stage time to perfect your act? Well come on in, we have a place for you.
Live Music
Tania Opland
Tania Opland has been a full time performing musician since 1984. Her many recordings have been heard around the world. Live concert and radio appearances (to date) include Alaska , Canada , The States, Ireland , England , Scotland , Wales , Cornwall ..., Russia and Uzbekistan . In addition to her own albums and duo recordings with Mike Freeman, she has been a guest musician on albums by William Pint and Felicia Dale, Hilary Spencer, Linda Waterfall, Peg Loughran, Alicia Healey, and many others in the U.S. , Canada , Ireland and Britain .
Tania's concerts are a tapestry of melodic and lyrical textures blending intriguing cross-cultural influences, from soaring melodies on a solo instrument to powerful vocals backed by solid rhythm guitar or intricate fingerpicking. Complex Turkish and Balkan dance rhythms are more likely to be heard here than the more common "world beat grooves" used by so many bands, complementing a repertoire rich with Irish, Scottish and American songs and tunes.
Sunday Morning Jazz
11am to 1pm
Charisa Martin Cairn
Anything-but-standard Jazz
Next Week's Events will be:
Tues. Aug. 4th, Lecture: 7-9pm, Zabine Van Ness,
A member of the Baha'i Faith, and author of "Heart To Heart, A Spiritual Journey form Exploration to Transformation."
Wed. Aug. 5th, Art Show: 7-9pm, Kari Quaas and Duane Johnson
The Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Check out their websites for more information:
Kari Quaas www.KariQuaas.com
Duane Johnson www.DuaneJohnsonPhotography.com
Sat. Aug. 8th, Live Music, 7-9pm, Garrett and Westcott
Reggie Garrett and Gary Westcott are two of the more exciting performers on the Seattle acoustic music scene.  Garrett's stunning vocals and rhythm guitar along with Westcott's scintillating work on guitar, mandolin, slide steel guitar and banjo make for one of the most original musical duos performing today.  Their music is a combination of the variety of musical styles and ideas that have influenced them over the years.  They perform their own original songs mixed with a number of more traditional folk ballads and contemporary folk style music.  The compositions incorporate Latin rhythms, blues, gospel, jazz, Celtic and much more.   The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the West.