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September 2009

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July 13th to July 19th

This Week at A Gathering Grove
July 13th to July 19th

11am to 6:30pm
Sajy has been practicing various forms of divination, intuitive counseling, and healing work for over two and a half decades. He received his level three Reiki attunement July 1st, 2001.

Craft Circle
5:30pm to 9pm
Bring your latest project and your yarn and needle point, quilt or whatever crafty thing you do and come down and join other crafty people. Share your ideas and projects with others over a warm comforting beverage. If you've been looking to pick up a new hobby, here is a friendly group of people to learn from.

Dan Pelletier
10am to 3pm
Tarot Reader

Lecture Series
Abdul Bashir, "Life Purpose/Self-empowerment"
7pm to 9pm
This workshop is a circle of truth designed to stimulate thought that transforms the mind. Abdul helps you explore the popular questions of - Who am I? What is my purpose? What is this life all about? This is a session that can bring out the answers to the above questions and more.
$5.00 suggested donation for this event.

Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Intuitive Reader

Penny Protheroe
3pm to 6pm
Penny is a Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer and Certified Celebrant

Amy Herring
Astrology 101 Class
 7pm to 8:30pm
Amy Herring is teaching week three of a five week Astrology class that  started July 1st. The series of 5 classes will last the entire month, from 7pm to 8:30pm.
In this class series we are learning astrology from the perspective of conscious choice and free will, not dooming stereotypes. We are learning how to create and read our own chart and the charts of your friends and family. Along with learning what each of the Planets, Signs, and Houses represent and how to start putting them together to understand your deepest self and those you love. So whether you're a complete 'newbie' or have been around the astrological block once or twice, this class will deepen your awareness of energies in us all through practical and in-depth exploration of the basics: the planets, signs, & houses in a simple and easy to understand way.


Ann Inman
1pm to 4pm
Psychic Intuitive

A Woman's Voice
Women's Poetry Reading and Open Mic
7pm to 9pm
Brought to you by the Five Women Poets of the Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
Women are invited to participate. All are invited to attend.

Dan Pelletier
10am to 1pm
Intuitive Reader

Psychic Readers Panel
5pm to 7pm
Come join us for our first Psychics Panel.
Do you have a question that needs a quick answer from psychic, then come down and ask our expert panel of psychics in a fun, open, questions from the audience style format. This will be a monthly event on the third Friday of the month.

Open Mic Night
7pm to 9pm
Friday is our Open Mic Night so we're calling on all musicians, poets, and performers: are you looking for some stage time to perfect your act? Well come on in, we have a place for you.

Albena Pelletier
11am to 5pm
Psychic Angel Readings

Live Music
7pm to 9pm
Star Called Sun
Matt & Erin Quarterman are Star Called Sun, a duo that mixes genres, instruments, languages and cultures. They sing together and play guitars, accordion, mandolin, piano, dobro, harmonica. Their music is slowcore, where quiet is the new loud, slow is the new fast, beautiful is the new aggressive, and taste is not the enemy of art.

11am to 4:30pm
Now Age Knowledge Psychic Fairs
What does God want from you right now?
We are here to help you find out.
Free Admission: Readers charge individually so rates vary. Some take donations.
Products for sale: Jewelry, Journals, Stones, Books, CD's, Meditation aids and more. Our practitioners are creative and imbue their creations with energy to make your item uniquely yours. Gift certificates available.

Presentations will be led by practitioners to help you on your path. Check the schedule page for event times and locations.
Presentations at 1:30 and 3:00
1:30 TBA
3:00 TBA

Service Providers:
1 Boston Carter
2 Joanie Vogel
3 Frances Juanita
4 Ann Inman
5 Jeanette Firman
6 Terri Clement

Next weeks Tuesday Lecturer and Saturdays Live music will be:

Tues. July 21st, Lecture: 7-9pm, Dan Pelletier "The History of Tarot"
Dan Pelletier is the author of 'The Process – The Way of the Tarot Reader," articles appearing in the Tarot for Life website newsletter "Seeker's Journey," TheTarotSchool.com, and Tarot Passages; Dan has also published interviews with deck creators on the tarotgarden.com website library.
Dan has been reading Tarot for himself and others for close to four decades; is also co-owner of The Tarot Garden, a highly respected resource for tarot decks and related information on the Internet.

Sat. July 25th Live Music: 7-9pm, A Gathering Grove Turns One Year Old
A Gathering Grove will celebrate its first birthday on Saturday, July 25, 2009. Please join us as we celebrate our first year of business in downtown Everett, WA.

Festivities include:
• Complimentary birthday cake and drip coffee will be available from 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM.

• Intuitive readers Boston Carter and Albena Pelletier will be available for private consultations from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

• Chair massage will be offered for a reasonable price by a licensed massage practitioner.

• Local artisans will offer their unique creations for purchase.

• Live music by Skinny White Chick with Vixy and Tony from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. A Gathering Grove welcomes back SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney along with Vixy and Tony who also helped them to celebrate their grand opening. Welcome back everyone!

We would like to remind everyone driving down to see us that parking is available in the lot we share with Chopstix.

Thanks and have a wonderful week,
Steve and Shannon
A Gathering Grove
2820 Oakes Ave. Ste. C
Everett WA 98201