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September 2009

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April 27th to May 3rd

A Gathering Grove's
Events for the week of April 27th to May 3rd 
Craft Circle
5:30pm to 9pm
Bring your latest project and your yarn and needle point, quilt or what ever crafty thing you do and come down and join other crafty people. Share your ideas and projects with others over a warm comforting beverage. If you've been looking to pick up a new hobby here is a friendly group of people to learn from.

Dan Pelletier – will not be here this week.
Tarot Reader
10am to 3pm
Lecture Series,
Dolly Mae, Author
7pm to 9pm
"The Secrets in Your Name"
Your name reads like a fingerprint. The letter sounds, their shapes and their placements hold vibrational information. Each name holds clues to your innermost self. Each letter and special combinations of letters reveal your personality and its secret gifts and challenges. You will learn how to access this knowledge to use for yourself and others. This information applies to personal, corporate and animal names which all reveal hidden secrets. Free demonstration readings will be given. You will begin to see patterns in names and will be able to use this information in your daily life to better understand others.

Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Intuitive Reader
Penny Protheroe
3pm to 6pm
Penny is a Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer and Certified Celebrant

Bev Bryant – New Tarot Card Reader
11am to 5pm
Bev has been doing Tarot card readings for over 10 years,
Here is a short Bio: Falling in love with the mysteries and secrets of Tarot, making it her forever study. Along with being self taught, she has studied with some of the most prominent readers in the area.
What can Tarot do? They can help give guidance and can be used for decision making and guidance in financial matters, relationships, or careers. What Tarot does not do?
The Tarot cannot take away your free will. You can change your future depending upon your actions.
American Sign Language Class with Max
4pm to 5:30pm
If you have ever wanted to learn Sign Language here is a class for you. There is no charge to attend but the classes do build on each other.

Penny Protheroe
3pm to 6pm
Penny is a Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer and Certified Celebrant
Open Mic Night hosted by Big Rich
7pm to 9pm
Open Mic Night now has a new host. Big Rich will be keeping the entertainment flowing. So were calling on all musicians, poets, and performers: are you looking for some stage time to prefect your act? Well come on in, we have a place for you.

1pm to 5pm
Medical Intuitive, Karma Specialist, General Psychic

Live Music
7pm to 9pm
Matthew Moeller with The Whateverly Brothers and Watch the Sky!
Whateverly Brothers "Homemade three layer harmonies with instrumental frosting!" The Brothers (Dan Roberts, Chris Glanister & Matthew Moeller) have performed for many years as solo artists and members of obscure folk groups across the Pacific Northwest. Now these three talents are together as the Whateverly Brothers. Drawing from a rich and varied musical history, The Whateverly Brothers harken to the folksinger tradition that "No musical style is sacred" Hoist anchor! Raise the glass! Sing along!

Watch the Sky! Has been a consistent presence in the Seattle area folk music scene since 1991. Jan and Chris Glanister and Joe Wagner bring Celtic verve to traditional, contemporary, and original ballads and pub songs. Rich, tight vocal harmonies are their trademark backed by driving rhythms and sweet whistle riffs. Joe's rock-influenced guitar playing brings a contemporary drive to their Celtic sound while Jan beats bodhran (Irish drum) and dumbec (Middle Eastern drum). Chris is on penny whistles and cittern. Singable music combined with their sense of humor pays off for the audience in a musical experience full of fun and warmth. Lead singers, Jan and Chris Glanister have been performing around the Pacific Northwest since 1980. Joe Wagner, lead guitarist, joined the band in 1992. Their collaboration results in fresh arrangements of traditional Celtic songs and original music appropriate for weddings, parties, pubs and concerts.
No events planed

Next weeks Tuesday Lecturer and Saturdays Live music will be:
Tues. May 5th Lecture: 7-9pm, Haragano "May Day"
The earliest May Day celebrations appeared in pre-Christian Europe, with the festival of Florathe Roman Goddessof flowers, the Walpurgis Night celebrations of the Germaniccountries. It is also associated with the Galic Beltane.
Sat. May 2nd Live Music: 7-9pm, Hunter Venturo
Folk Rock / Psychedelic / Rock

A Gathering Grove
2820 Oakes Ave Ste. C
Everett WA 98201