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September 2009

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June 22 to June 28

This Week at A Gathering Grove
June 22nd to June 28th

We would like to remind everyone if they would like to sign up for the Astrology class to please do so this week.
We need a minumin of 8 people to host this class.

Astrology 101 Class
Amy Herring will be teaching a five week Astrology class starting July 1st so a series of 5 classes will last the entire month, from 7pm to 8:30pm. The series will cost $50 dollars and must be paid for in advance. Register now at HeavenlyTruth.com or in store at A Gathering Grove.
In this class series you will: Learn astrology from the perspective of conscious choice and free will, not dooming stereotypes. You will learn how to create and read your own chart and the charts of your friends and family. Along with learning what each of the Planets, Signs, and Houses represent and how to start
putting them together to understand your deepest self and those you love.
So whether you're a complete 'newbie' or have been around the astrological block once or twice, this class will deepen your awareness of energies in us all through practical and in-depth exploration of the basics: the planets, signs, & houses in a simple and easy to understand way.


Sajy, "New Tarot Reader"
11am to 6:30pm
Sajy has been practicing various forms of divination, intuitive counseling, and healing work for over two and a half decades. He received his level three Reiki attunement July 1st, 2001

Craft Circle
5:30pm to 9pm
Bring your latest project and your yarn and needle point, quilt or what ever crafty thing you do and come down and join other crafty people. Share your ideas and projects with others over a warm comforting beverage. If you've been looking to pick up a new hobby here is a friendly group of people to learn from.

Dan Pelletier
Tarot Reader
10am to 3pm

Lecture Series,
Sandy Levey-Lunden, "The Clearing Process™"
7pm to 9pm
The Clearing Process™ creates a unique space where a person can finally release their past traumas, limiting beliefs and patterns, fears, and ego mind that may be consciously or unconsciously affecting the present.
These unacknowledged and unresolved issues do not disappear; rather they reappear in a variety of forms within our current relationships. In order to truly connect fully with one another, we need to momentarily drop our ego boundaries and allow the light of our True Selves to shine through.
Sandy Levey-Lunden was born and raised in New York City, Sandy studied psychology, receiving her Bachelors Degree from the City College of New York. For many years she taught children with learning disabilities as she was gaining her Masters Degree in Special Education.
In 1982, she established her business, "On Purpose", working with thousands of people to clarify their purpose in life, and create a business or career from what they love to do. She has designed in-depth courses and seminars focused on pursuing and achieving successful careers and relationships and personal freedom.
Sandy's study of A Course in Miracles* in 1990 brought new spiritual insight to every area of her life, and deepened her understanding of the path to happiness. She went boldly in pursuit of her dreams, leading workshops around the world and creating programs to help troubled youth. $5.00 suggested donation for this event

Terri C.
10am to 1pm
Intuitive Reader

Ann Inman
1pm to 4pm
Psychic Intuitive

Dan Pelletier
10am to 3pm
Tarot Reader

Open Mic Night hosted by Big Rich
7pm to 9pm
Open Mic Nights host Big Rich will be keeping the entertainment flowing. So were calling on all musicians, poets, and performers: are you looking for some stage time to prefect your act? Well come on in, we have a place for you.

Cedartree Native American Flute Gathering
10am to Noon
Come join us for Peter and Tammy's Cedartree Flute gathering. This event is open to everyone who loves the sound of the Native American Flute. People of all skill levels and interest are welcome.

Live Music
Luke Grey
7pm to 9pm
Rock / Acoustic / Pop
Luke is a local singer and songwriter; with roots in Marysville, Everett, and downtown Snohomish, he considers Snohomish County his home base.
Luke started playing guitar in 2000 and has been writing songs since then. In addition to singing and guitar playing, Luke plays the drums, bass guitar and keyboards. He says that his musical style is generally pop rock with blues, jazz and country influences and credits many influential musicians as role models. He specifically cited three musicians as impacting his musical journey. Eddie Vedder, lead singer and guitarist for Pearl Jam, was a role model for his songwriting and vocal style. Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac had a huge influence upon his guitar playing. Carter Beauford of the Dave Mathews band is his idea of the perfect drummer. Luke also credited his father, a sound technician, as influencing and supporting his musical development.
So far, Luke has limited his solo public performances to A Gathering Grove because he enjoys the family-friendly nature of the venue. Last fall, he showed up at a Friday night open mic night and, after playing a few of his songs, was booked to perform on a Saturday night. Since then, Luke appeared at A Gathering Grove a few times-twice as a solo artist, once with a friend out of California, and once with his band, Tin Sprocket.
In the future, Luke hopes to quit his day job as a maintenance man at an apartment complex so he can pursue the music business full-time. In regards to music, he said that, " the one thing I feel I can do right. so natural to me, writing and playing."
Currently, Luke is in the middle of putting together his first solo album. The album is titled, "Life of the Party." The title is meant to be humorous; the CD's cover art consists of a photo taken by Luke's father, Robert Olver, with Luke sitting in front of the Rucker Tomb in the Evergreen Cemetery on 41st Street in Everett. He hopes to release his debut album in early summer.
In addition to being a solo artist, Luke is also a member of Tin Sprocket which plays pop rock. In 2006, Tin Sprocket released a self titled album, and in 2008 they released a second album titled, "Out of the Blue."

Book Club
5pm to 7pm
This will be the last week with this book. The author Gaylinda Gardner will be here to discuss with the group their impressions and thoughts about her book.
"Thin Threads" by Gaylinda Gardner
"Thin Threads is a unique novel about psychic relationships and paranormal events that evolve into a surprising ending. This book holds your attention throughout and is one you'll remember."
-Carol Napper
Our next book will be "Heart of the Soul", by Gary Zukav starting July 5th.

Next weeks Tuesday Lecturer and Saturdays Live music will

Tues. June, 30th Lecture: 7-9pm, Ann Inman, Ann Inman is a highly experienced psychic medium and uses her skills to talk to the dead, see what might be in your future and channel. Tonight she will channel her favorite entity friend 'William'. Ann will explain how channeling works and then she and William will answer your questions. You may ask anything you like. $10.00 suggested donation for this event. More is appreciated as Ann travels some distance to get here.

Sat. July 4th Live Music: 7-9pm, No Music Scheduled, Enjoy the Fireworks!!
We will be open from 10am to 4pm  so remember to come and have some coffee first!